Our meetups are held at the Toowong Library on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Talks start at 6pm, intermission is around 7pm, and dinner from 9pm.

Visit the meetup page for more details

  • March 2017 Meetup

    March 2017

    Speaker Lineup (so far)

    • Better Habits Sean Kelly

    6:30PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

  • February 2017 Meetup

    February 2017

    Talks included….

    6:30PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

  • Back to Basics

    September 2016

    Ruby’s standard library is #awesome. Our survey results say moar beginner talks. So this month we will get back-to-basics [^1].

    We are running a range of short talks covering the interesting and essential ruby basics and rails fundamentals. Know how to zip an array? Or when to tap that hash? Yes or no, it doesn’t really matter - just come along for dinner and drinks!

    Talks may (or may not) include….

    • 5 simple tricks with Ruby by Tom

    • GymKata 2: Beyond Code Kata by Gabriel

    • No Strings Attached by Lilli

    • Show me a little Rspec by Nigel

    • How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Block by Dave.

    • A Stringent look at Strings by Rob

    6PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

    [^1] some might doubt we ever got beyond the basics but…

  • How would your team do it?

    August 2016

    Sponsored by Depth First Solutions who will be talking a about “IT Careers in USA”

    Survey Results

    Nigel discussed the results of the survey and what changes it means to BrisRuby meetup. Less heckling, more heckling, and a possible city move were the main points.

    First Gems

    Mitchell showed us his first few gems - Kitechart, a wrapper around highcharts to make drilldown charts super easy; and Kiteboard, a gem for making dashboards easily.


    James ran through how Everyday Hero uses Buildkite for continuous integration with Docker images.

    rSpec Testing

    Testing using latest rSpec matchers and mocks & stubs

    Intro To Ruby - Enumerable

    Arrays, hashes and others, an in depth look.

    Panel Discussion

    How does your team do things - chaired by Tom

  • How would your team do it?

    July 2016

    Trailblazer Operations

    Rob give us a basic introduction to trailblazer - a high-level architecture for web applications.

    A Rose by any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

    Lachlan Pitts took us through a breakdown of the Gilded Rose Kata test in Ruby.

  • How would your team do it?

    May 2016

    How would your team do it?

    Tom Ridge hosted a open bikeshedding discussion about how different teams approach similar programmatic problems or implementations.

    TrailBlazer in Action - Rob

    Rob Dawson showed how he used Trailblazer after last months high level demo from Nick Sutterer.

    Hacking our democracy with Ruby - Luke

    Luke Bacon talked about OpenAustralia Foundation and some of its Ruby Projects.

    Slide Deck

  • Git in Ruby

    October 2015

    Implementing Git in Ruby - Dave

    Learning the fundamentals of anything is critical to understanding it but I found git extra hard because the most common commands - the porcelain - are conceptually very different to the data model - the plumbing.

    RailsGirls Success Stories - Amy

    Amy Hilaire (wife of the famous Elliott, Battlebot winner), will show and tell her story from coming from a non-software background to building her own software project.

    Lightning talks


    6PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

    Drinks sponsored by ninefold

  • BYO Ruby and Photogenics

    September 2015

    Ruby ground up - Dave

    Intro to the Ruby Enumerator and how to build your own. This will be an interactive talk.

    Photogenic Ruby - Elliot

    Demo of programatically controlling cameras. This talk will be hardware, gems and Ruby

    Lightning talks

    • Typhoeus gem

    • ngrok - tunnelling to a public URL

    6PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

    Drinks sponsored by ninefold

  • TimeZones, Static Analysis, Ember/Rails

    August 2015

    TimesZones - Lang

    • What is time
    • Useful representations of time
    • What is a timezone
    • How to handle timezones in your application

    State of static analysis and linting tools - Ian

    • When balancing features with their inevitable technical debt, knowing where to strike the balance is hard. I have spend the last 6 months talking with developers and startup founders about the ways they manage and keep this in check

    Ember and Rails - Geoffrey

    • Geoff has showed us the Ember basics, in this talk he will show the integration via JSON API calls of the front and backend system

    6PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

    Drinks sponsored by ninefold

  • Intro to RUBY and InspectLet

    July 2015


    • Intro to Ruby - James

    • Patrick Gordon - InspectLet

    • Geoffrey Donaldson - Ember/Rails

    6PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    new - Intermission and drinks around 7pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

    Drinks sponsored by ninefold

  • Creation & Destruction

    May 2015


    BattleBots with @davekinkead

    Come an pit your BattleBot against others in our coding tournament. Building a your own bot is really simple. Just follow the instructions here

    Remember to submit your pull request by 3pm on the Meetup day.

    Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Rails Dev

    Daphne continues from last months discussion about what should a beginner dev know.

    6PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

    Drinks sponsored by ninefold

  • Customer Communications with

    February 2015

    This month looks like it will be another cracker meetup. Talks so far include:

    Customer Communications with
    by Alex Ghiculescu

    Round Table on Remote Pairing
    with Tom, Jason, Nick & others

    6PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

    Intermission and drinks around 7pm

    Dinner afterwards at 8pm

    Drinks sponsored by ninefold

  • rSpec vs Minitest Smackdown

    January 2015

    It’s the first meetup of the year. 2014 was a cracker of a year and 2015 looks even better. Remember - we’ve moved our meetups to the 4th Tuesday of every month so the 27th is it.

    Yes it’s hot, yes it’s school holiday, and yes you’ll be hung over. But, you’ll be in lovely AC, away from any kids, and get some hair-of-the-dog to make that hangover go away!


    Building an e-commerce app with Spree
    by Mark Wigglesworth

    Minitest vs rSpec head-to-head
    pitting Dave vs Nigel

    Building an API with Grape by Tom Ridge

  • Newbie November

    November 2014

    The G20 is over, Obama’s gone home, and Christmas is just around the corner. This was our last meetup for 2014 (discounting December Drinks) and aligning our alliterative allegory, we’ve named this nip of nocturnal networking ‘Newbie November’.

    On the fly processing with Dragonfly

    Continuing on from last months ‘lightning talk’ meetup, @elliotthilaire gave us an introduction to using the Dragonfly gem for processing images / anything on the fly.

    Integrating a style guide into your workflow

    Ennova recently decided to trial HoundCI - a fancy Rubocop wrapper that integrates with Github and barks at you when you write poor code via inline comments. @hackling took us through their thoughts on how and why they incorporated they style enforcers and linters they decided to use.

    Form Objects with Virtus

    @daphsta shared how LocalSearch uses Form Objects in their Rails projects and how it has helped them decouple objects from ActiveRecord models which prevented the tendency of models to perform multiple responsibilities.

    Abject Orientated Programming in Ruby

    You’ve might have heard the lasted trend being espoused by rockstar ninjas from the valley - Object Oriented Programming. But don’t listen to them - they’re wrong. PERIOD. @davekinkead showed us the correct way to implement best-practice-buzzwords like inheritance, polymorphism, and DRY.

  • August 2014 Wrap Up

    August 2014


    Creating QRCodes on the fly + retrospectives
    by Darren James

    Rails Presenters
    By Tom Ridge, two red kites

    Code for Presenters on github, be sure to check out stage-3 for the final result

    How to build a Ruby Gem
    by Dave Kinkead

    AngularJS and Rails
    by Michael Harrison

    Big thanks to ninefold for sponsoring drinks and for Oomph for sponsoring next months.

  • July 2014 Wrap Up

    July 2015

    Why Docker is important for Rails

    By Brian Lane, Product Owner, Ninefold

    Slide deck on Google Docs

    Testing Apps with the Application Driver pattern

    By Nick Chmielewski

    An Introduction to Validations

    By Tom Ridge, two red kites

    Slide deck on Slide Share

    Code on github

    Drinks & Dinner were graciously sponsored by Ninefold - the easier way to deploy & host rails apps.

    Upcoming Events

    RailsGirls is on 15-16 Aug 2014 so if you are keen to attend or be a mentor, please get in touch.

  • June 2014 Wrap Up

    June 2014


    ActionHack is no more :(

    Brisbane Code Club is a fortnightly get together at Rivercity Labs to hack on your own projects and share your wisdom and be inspired.


    Jamie Cook regaled us with his talk on Interfacing Ruby to C++.

    Matt Connolly share the low down on Errbit for app error tracking .

    Half time drinks graciously sponsored by NineFold

  • July 2013 Wrap Up

    July 2013

    July’s Meetup

    Rochelle and Daphne gave a demonstration of their RailsGirls Summer of Code project.

    Dave regaled us with a riveting fairy tail of romance, intrigue , and test driven development.

    NineFold generously shouted drinks for everyone afterwards.

  • June 2013 Wrap Up

    June 2013

    BrisRuby June 2013 Meetup

    Sick and slack presenters forced Nigel to ad lib with a kata on Test Driven Development. A comparison with rspec and minitest has been provided which interestingly show’s very few differences.

    Matt gave an interesting talk on Zero MQ and what distinguishes it from Rabbit & Resque.

    Next month, Dave may just remember he is presenting a lightning talk on rspec vs minitest.

  • May 2013 Wrap Up

    May 2013

    BrisRuby MeetUp 2013

    Upcoming Events

    RailsGirls is on 24-25 May

    CampJS 9-12 Aug Seems like this is the new RailsCamp


    James presented an in depth look at API alternatives to rails.

    Dave gave a quick demonstration of how Elasticsearch can be used as a persistence data store without the need for migrations.

  • Feb 2013 Wrap Up

    February 2013

    Gems, Glorious Gems

    25 Feb 2013

    Rob did a talk on bundling and deploying gems.

    Nigel covered Benjamin Smith’s RubyConf Hacking Gems talk.

    Better development with Gems - Anton’s talking on development productivity gems.

    Summary of RubyConf

    Andrew gave us a overview of notifications and queues using ActiveMQ and websockets. Deck Demo App

  • January 2013 Wrap Up

    January 2013

    What We Did

    A quick summary of today’s meetup.

    Nigel - you notes here would be great


    Rob’s talk on Structs

    Paul’s in no way ironic presentation of productivity. Here are few links to while away your time:

    • (my custom Slate configuration)

    It might be nice to for each presentation to have its own file and link to each from here. Thoughts?


    Thanks to everyone for participating and to ninefold for Sponsoring drinks at the post meetup dinner