Ruby’s standard library is #awesome. Our survey results say moar beginner talks. So this month we will get back-to-basics [^1].

We are running a range of short talks covering the interesting and essential ruby basics and rails fundamentals. Know how to zip an array? Or when to tap that hash? Yes or no, it doesn’t really matter - just come along for dinner and drinks!

Talks may (or may not) include….

  • 5 simple tricks with Ruby by Tom

  • GymKata 2: Beyond Code Kata by Gabriel

  • No Strings Attached by Lilli

  • Show me a little Rspec by Nigel

  • How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Block by Dave.

  • A Stringent look at Strings by Rob

6PM start, arrive any time after 5:30pm

Dinner afterwards at 8pm

[^1] some might doubt we ever got beyond the basics but…