• Alex Ghiculescu

    Alex has been writing Ruby for over three years, but find there’s always plenty of new things to learn. He’s building an awesome Ruby team to help learn that.

    He also likes skiing, travelling, live music and food.

    I’m not good at using the third person.

  • Dave Kinkead

    Dave is a skier, thinker, geek & dad.

    When he grows up, he’d like to be a millionaire ski bum. While waiting for that to happen, he passes his time reading philosophy, crafting useless ruby apps, and speaking about himself in the third person.

    He also likes beer.

  • Elliott Hilaire

    Elliott is an aspiring Ruby developer; an op turning dev.

    When outdoors he will either be on a bike or pestering insects for their photos.

    He is currently looking to join an awesome team of developers.

  • Nigel Rausch

    Fearless organiser, not so fearless skier. Nigel runs a number of meetup events.

    He also knows the location of every katsu curry outlet in SE QLD.

  • Tom Ridge

    Tom is afraid of big objects, which explains his love of lego, except when he steps on a brick and summons the devil incarnate.

    Outside of crafting software, when he does bask in the sunlight, it is typically only to transport himself to the nearest supply of ramen, burritos, or beer, if it’s a particularly good day, all three.